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This week is major sports week. Let's see.

Mon(today)--sball game in Orion(we lost, but I had fun! and I hit a triple It's all right cuz we beat them on Friday and they are good. 5-2 both games, just flip-flopped, kinda weird)
Tues--sball game in Edgington
Wed--vball league, I think it's against Sherrad this week.
Thurs--vball camp(YAY!)
Fri--vball camp and sball game at home against...I think Sherrard...
Sat--vball camp

I think I'm fallin in love with Martina McBride's voice. I've never really listened to a lot of her songs, but I'm lovin them now.

Only 2 weeks of work left...kinda sucks because that means I've gotta find another job. =( where though? I def do not wanna be a waitress.

I missed my SM episode because it's summer and I'm stupid. I'm sad. =(

I haven't gone swimming yet this summer and my mom told me tonight that if the pool doesn't get used more then she's gonna sell it next summer. I told her to sell it now and buy a trampoline cuz I'd sure as hell would rather have one of those.

I'm buying Miss Congeniality 2 tomorrow, even though I've never seen it.

I want/need a new computer.

So many things to save up for!! Computer, digital camera(which I actually have enough for I just don't want to be interrogated by my mom), car, and a possible trip to Europe(that would be sooooo much fun).

I should really be going to bed earlier having to work at 8 every morning(except sundays!).

Oh yeah, I hope I get to do something with my friends on Thurs evening because I haven't seen them since like school got out. Yes, I know, I'm a loser/loner.

Anyway--this was a message brought to you by the Shmoo. Have a nice night!


*coming like a lion, going like a lamb*
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