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I am really tired, but I'm gonna update this thing anyways.

I took a sweat shower at vball camp today. At least it felt/looked like it.

I layed out for a bit today(sorry if anyone happened to drive by, I know it's not a pretty sight). I have the weirdest tan lines! Like half of my stomach is red and most of my back, except towards the bottom.

We went on a ghost hunt tonight. At Megan's house. We didn't find anything, but we tried. It was fun, especially when they left me alone up in the attic. The dead don't like to cooperate with me. I have a little obsession with the paranormal(if you haven't noticed) and I have never seen a real ghost and I want to really bad. I even wanted to be a "ghost hunter" when I was younger. Just the thought of knowing there is something there that you can't see excites me.

Oh yeah, we went bowling. I got a 101 the first game(sucks), but I uped it a lil bit and got a 142(or was it 144?, somewhere in there) the second game. I was in a mean mood and I was annoying, but we were the only ones there so we had a good time.

Anyway, goodnight.


*Sometimes I get so weird I even freak myself out*


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