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I got this in the mail on Friday.

June 22, 2005

Dear Prospective Future Viking,

Greetings from ********* Volleyball! thanks for your intrest in our college and the volleyball program.

A few things you may want to know about us:

-We will graduate only 2 seniors in 2006 - a defensive specialist and a middle hitter.
-We take a trip at least every other year. In the past, we have traveled to Pennsylvania and this year we are headed to Colorado College in Colorado Springs.
-We have a competitive JV team and schedule, and keep up to 30 girls on the entire team.
-We compete in CCIW (College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin) which includes these other 7 schools: (they are named here)

*You can find out more information on our volleyball program and the college at *****************.

Now that you know a few more things about us, I need to know more about you! Please fill out the provided information sheet on the front, and ask a coach of yours to fill out the backside. If you have an email address be sure to apply it. We have a newsletter that we send out to interested recruits during the season, and would like to keep you updated on our progress. Also, if you have match videotape or a high school season for this fall, please pass it along to me.

Thanks for showing an interest in our program, and upon the completion of your junior year, I will be making additional contact with you about your future as an **** Volleyball Player! If you think you are very interested, we would love to have you up for a visit this summer.

Coach ****
Head Volleyball Coach

I gave it to Coach yesterday and she'll give it back to me on wed. Bad News....Coach Cook left for Sherrard. =( She's what made vball fun. School is going to SUCK next year. I've got 2 friends who are gonna be there and all the fun teachers are leaving. Senior year is going to officially be the year from hell. I am so not looking forward to it.


*I don't wanna fall to pieces*
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