Jan. 2nd, 2005

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Woot for Katie!! :-D

So it seems as if we are going ice skating for my birthday! yay! Now I just have to run it by my mom.

Amanda is going to pop out Brecken anytime soon! I just hope it's not on Monday when my brother is going to be in Colorado for a night dropping off Keely. Could you imagine?! Him being like 12 hours away when she goes into labor. That would suck!

This is my last night for christmas break so I'm staying up late. We went bowling tonight, and I did pretty good for me-(i think) 147, and 139. We bought some junior high tunes-- As long as you love me- Backstreet Boys, I Think I'm in Love- Jessica Simpson, Most Girls- P!nk, Lucky- Britney Spears. yay for junior high days! lol.
I saw the most developed 6th grader ever. haha, I've seen her before I've just never noticed! She's bigger than me! lol, and megan's brother has a crush on her, and now we know why!

I hope everyone had a wonderful new years. I hope this year is better than last on a personal level. It also seems as if I've made an uber amount of friends in 04', and this more than likely includes you if you are reading this!

My mind is coming up blank now so good night.


*It's your life gotta make your own rules*
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Amanda's water just broke!!!!!!!!! I'll be spending my day at the hospital. I knew this would happen after only having 5 hours of sleep, and school is tomorrow.

I'll have a nephew the next time I post!! YAY!!


*Let's go girls*


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