Jan. 9th, 2005

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I had to do the most disgusting thing I have ever done on Friday! You know those cats we got at the beginning of the year that we had to disect? Well...we hadn't done anything to them in at least a month(maybe longer), and we were supposed to start looking at the heart. We get ours out and the smell is sooo horrible that I start gagging. He was green from mold! We(along will almost all the other groups) take our cats down to the dumpster and I swing the cat that was in the bag into the dumpster. I felt so bad!! there was cat juice everywhere. It even got on the snow when we went outside. Who knows if we'll actually get another cat or not(i don't wanna re-skin it!!!)

Later, in 10th hour, Mrs. Hucke was there with her new daughter, Olivia. She's so cute. Has the fattest little cheeks ever. I can't wait until she comes back to teach.

Tonight(or last night, whatever) I went out with Shannon and Alex. We saw 7 deer!!! We were driving on that road where we saw the owl(by fenton baseball diamond), and we see one. Then all of a sudden there's 7! All in a cornfield. Alex honks the first time, and they run back out towards the middle of the cornfield. We go back later and Alex unlocks his windows(that's right megan!), I roll the window down and I say "hey deer", like 3 turn and look at me. It was so cute. They all eventually ran off though. I'm glad they survived hunting season(or is it still going on?).

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