Jan. 19th, 2005

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Thanks to my 4th hour A&P class, I've realized even more why I hate this place so much. Buncha fuckwads.

In other news....P!nk's gonna be involved with a remake of "Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton for the Tsunami victims. I love this song, and with P!nk singing in it...wow. I'm just happy I'll be able to hear her again. It's for a good cause too, that makes it extra special. ^_^

I went to softball batting cages tonight(well we weren't actually in the cages we just did some drills). There were only 5 people there because of the basketball game. 2 of them just so happen to be the 2 most intimidating people on the team IMO(Gretchen and Beth). They're nice and everything just too damn good, and I'm scared to play catch with them or do any sort of drill with them or anything. I always feel like I suck. I'm scared as hell as to where Daryll is playing me this year!!! When he was talking about outfield crowhops...he didn't look at me like he normally does(like when he's talking about batting and bad habits because I have some bad habits!). I'm scared he will make me play first base because that was where I played for oh...since I was 8, and in summer ball last year. I hate it...I wanna stay in my centerfield. :-( We can only hope. Hopefully he'll ask me where I wanna play!

So I can't stand one of the freshmen. I TRIED to like her. I TRIED to not judge. Maybe I was just in a bad mood today. I really have no idea, but I was on my last nerve. I'm sticking to the dishes from now on. Now watch tomorrow I won't mind her at all, I'm just fucked up like that. meh.

I'll leave you with this.
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*I look back at yesterday and I'm okay*


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