Feb. 7th, 2005

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I haven't been all up on the ljness lately. sorry guys, don't worry I've been reading everything, just not commenting much. I didn't forget about your birthdays-Fons and Pat! I'm jealous of your party Fons!!!!! Hopefully you both had wonderful,great,fantastic, uber awesome days! Happy Birthdayness!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

On Saturday-Alex,Shannon,Katie, and I went and saw "Million Dollar Baby". It was a great movie. Makes your nose, tongue, neck, and leg hurt though. Makes you wanna cry, and it makes you laugh. yay for Katie for choosing the movie!

After the movie we went out to eat at Village Inn. We had the clumsiest waitress ever. I ordered a salad, and when she brought out everyone's salad/soup/cottage cheese, she was right next to me and I hear this *SLAP* it sounded exactly like that. My cucumber had fallen off my salad that she was holding and it landed right in front of me. It was so funny. She put my salad down in front of me and was like "Would you like another cucumber?" I was like "No, that's alright." haha, I shoulda made her go back and get another one just to be mean. Then we saw her taking salads to another table, and she was dropping the dressing on the floor as she was walking. A man was crawling around wiping it up. It was quite funny.

We then went to the mall, and went through Krispy Kreme. Quote of the night from Alex-
"Next time I'm gonna bring a notebook, so you can all write down what you think." (about his driving) hehe, oh you know you love it!

I swear we listened to that rich girls song 10 million times!

Yesterday I went and saw "White Noise" by myself since it was up at the Opera House. There were only 3 people there, including me. I think because of the Super Bowl(which I only saw like 2 plays of). I took my shoes off and made myself comfortable. The movie wasn't that bad Alex!! It started off slow, but it wasn't horrible! Of course, I like all that dead stuff.

Today wasn't anything special except now I think Mr.Kelly thinks I'm a whore because I like the lights off. lol, I could never take that title from Megan ;-)

Next week I'm going to Indianapolis for a wedding of I think my second cousin(?). I think I've met her once. We are taking the 5 hour drive there on Saturday morning at 7, and coming back on Sunday. It's gonna be like a frikin family reunion. *yippie*

My right shoulderbalde really hurts, and I have no idea why. This could be bad :-/ hopefully it's better in the morning. G'night everyone!


*Watch me set this house on fire*


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