Feb. 11th, 2005

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so this might be pointless, but anyway.

Yesterday in A&P I was showing Megan how dry my legs are because they are like a frog that has been lying in the sun for a month. Megan was showing me her leg and started rubbing it so little things of skin were coming off. Mr.Kelly was talking and he just looks over at us, like "What the hell are you doing?!" haha, it was priceless. I forgot to mention on Monday during class, David and Daniel were fighting about something stupid about the super bowl, and all of a sudden Mr.K yells out "Let's all get guns and shoot each other!" Can you believe he is 60?!?(well i guess 59, but still) he doesn't seem that old.

Today in 2nd hour(chem). Kristen(not your sister jon) bought Mrs.Cook a happy bunny window sticker that said "You smell like butt." It just so happened that she had just given up saying rude things for lent. She was so excited she was running into the hall and calling random people into her room, and Mrs.Hucke came over. Somehow we got on the topic of big calves and Mrs.Hucke is like "I've got awesome calf muscles" and she pulls her pant leg up, and Mrs.Cook asks Lara J. if she wants to touch them. Then she she(Mrs.H) pokes them and she's like "NOPE, there not good today!" Then Mrs.Cook wants to start notes and gets out her "clicker" for the tv that's hooked up to the computer, so Mrs.Hucke runs back into her room and comes back with 3 "clickers". Later, Mrs.Cook goes and copies off like 20 sheets of the sticker and was handing them out to people.

Then--Jon B. was on the computer playing Minsweeper. Coldy got ahold of the "clicker" and was moving the mouse on him and he thought he had broken the computer. Mrs.Cook can act. She took him all the way to the office before telling him that he really didn't break it. lol It was great.

"yay" I get to go to Indiana tomorrow. *insert rolley eyes here*

<3 ya everyone!


*I've got somewhere I belong*


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