Feb. 14th, 2005

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I went to that wedding on Saturday. It was in downtown Indianapolis. It was in the Omni Hotel, and it's fuckin huge!! We had valet parking, which was spiffy, cost 20 bucks though! I saw a whole bunch of family that I was surprised remembered me, even my 2nd cousin who was the one getting married remembered me! I was like whoa! Her lil boy is the cutest thing. They had him ride an antique bike down the aisle and he was having trouble.

They threw away my retainer!! I had eaten my salad, and I had left my retainer on my plate while I went to the bathroom. When I came back, my plate wa gone, and so was my retainer!! I was like "OH NO!". They couldn't find it, and we had to fill out insurance crap so they will pay for a new one.

They had chocolate fountains!!!! and BIG piles of strawberries,marshmallows, graham crackers, and these lil cake things. You pick up a stick and stab the fruit or whatever and you dip it in the chocolate fountain. It was the coolest thing!

I had a mini me all through out the night. My 12 year old cousin was following me around, but it's all good cuz I like her. I danced with her the whole night. Much better than the Sadie Hawkins dance that was going on!

Katie! the rich girls song came on and I thought of you! I danced it up!

On Sunday morning, my uncle came into the room I was sleeping in and started clapping his hands and was like "Get Up, get dressed, we're all going out to eat!" So we all got up, without showers and went out to eat.

I've got to write an essay on my "2 best qualities". Anyone got any ideas?!

I am super tired right now, so I'm heading off to bed. good night everyone!


*let's go back*


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