Feb. 27th, 2005


Feb. 27th, 2005 01:56 pm
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well hello everyone!

Yesterday I went to the mall(s) with Alex, Katie, and Shannon. They all bought stuff. ok, now to the interesting stuff!

We went to Fazoli's. We were all having a good time. This table next to us was takin a picture, and Alex was going to be in the background. He hates pictures so when Katie told him, he held up a plate and looked at the bottom of it. It was funny, so we laughed. Then, they took another one, and Alex got up, so we laughed harder. The lady must of thought we were laughing at them or something(which I can see why she might have, but damn you could do something a little more mature in saying that you don't appreciate something). Anyway, eventually she said something about calling shannon's mother and telling her that she'd kick her daughter's ass for her right now out back. Then, some more bitching from them(we were all just in shock like wtf is happening). The lady's daughter gets up in Katie's face and says "Don't mess with fuckin crazy people, that's how people get killed." WHOA! They said some more stuff and then started to walk away a little, and Katie's like "Do you know what you're doing?! You're threatening teenagers!" ohhhh, it was just crazy. I kept my mouth shut cuz I hate confrontation, and SURPRISINGLY Alex didn't say anything either(except "Should we call the manager?")!

I left some words and stuff out of the story, but you get the idea. Then, after they leave, the breadstick boy comes over. He's like "Do you want some more breadsticks?" We just started laughing. He says "ummm, did I miss something?" Katie replys "We just had our lives threatened".

So that was the fun of the weekend...

ugh...I can't believe softball starts tomorrow. That means I'll have stuff taking up my time. It might be nice not being bored all the time though.


*everybody's searchin for a hero*


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