Mar. 3rd, 2005

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Hello everyone!

I haven't updated in a while. softball started on monday. It sucks, but I gotta do something with my time. I think I might actually hit right(not right handed, I actually bat left handed. lol.) this year!! BOO YA BABY!! I'm so excited to see that frikin ball fly somewhere!

I gave blood yesterday! The guy asked me questions like "have you had sex with a man who might have had sex with another man who could be at risk of being HIV positive after 1977?" Interesting enough, I was born in 88, lol. The whole time the guy was "reading" me these questions, he was looking over my head. It was quite creepy. He asked me if I always talk this much(sarcasticaly cuz I hardly said anything, just shook my head), and asked me if I liked pink(I just so happened to be wearing a lot of pink).

I went over and waited in a chair for a bit next to Corey(a senior). A lady came over and asked to see his arms and then my arms. She then said "I'm gonna take him because I need to train someone, and you can see his veins better." I was like GOOD, and don't wanna be the test subject!

This funny lady took me and inserted the needle into my arm. It actually looked really cool. about 2-3 minutes into it, my stomach started to hurt. She layed me down while they took the rest of the blood out of me. It took about 12 minutes. When they were done, Paul took me over to the table. I started to eat a half rotten banana, but then I started to feel really dizzy and Rachel and Lara said I looked really pale. They took me over to a chair thing and I laid down for a while while Rachel talked to me......and that was my first experience with giving blood. Interesting, huh?

ok...why must people torture me with the lil things I hate? like butt juice! Megan and Shannon love to torture me. They love to hear me scream. For some reason it freaks me out. *shakes head*

and jon, I think the teachers are beginning to wonder who Shmoo is. LMAO!

Outside sb practice tomorrow! YAY for the cold(insert rolley eyes here)! ooooh, but NO SCHOOL, but we also have practice on sat. sucks.

just lettin you know I still exist. goodbye for now!


*Why was I the last to know?!*


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