Mar. 20th, 2005

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Hi....long time no update. sorry about that. I just haven't felt like it. I've had some weird moods going on.

Lets see, I need help deciding what classes to take next year. I already have

Chem II
Modern Problems/Sociology
French 4
English 4

I've got 2 spaces left. I'm thinking about taking Adult Living/Parenting. Then I don't know. Maybe Journalism/Speech(I've heard that we don't learn anything though) or Accounting. I could always take Physics or Zoology. I don't really want to take Physics though. I could always take chorus again, or even spanish I. any ideas?

Another dilemma I might have...ok my SIL's sister couldn't be the godparent of my nephew for a very stupid reason(she married a man that didn't have an anulment[I know I didn't spell that right] and our new priest is way too old fashioned). I miss the guy that's now in jail :-( He was cool! Anyway, my mom said that if they ask me to be the godparent then I'd have to start going to church again. See the problem is I don't know what I believe. I just don't know. No, I'm not an atheist nor will I ever claim to be. I dunno, I guess when the time comes we'll see what happens.

On another note, tonight I went to our school's variety show that we have each year. The highlights were Swanny and his "Lunch Lady" song, and Jon singing his yellowcard song! Oh and you mustn't forget Mark eating a 3 day old hotdog(not fridgerated) that had been thrown on the floor. The best of the night has to go to Alex(no not the Alex that I normally talk about), he did the EXACT dance to Napoleon Dynamite, he even looks like him! It was priceless.

I also met 2 new people tonight! one of which I didn't really care for (Jake) and Ande was cool!

Softball has been going pretty well. I think I'll mostly be playing centerfield(yay!) except on some nights, I'll play first.

I put in an application to Morrison's greenhouse last sat. and one for a local bank today to be a teller. The highschool recommended 10 girls and I was one of them, so I hope I get that one.

There is a Poetry Contest for our school coming up, and I'm entering this one. It sucks, but hey, it could be worth 25 bucks. lol

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I feel very lonely lately, just very alone, which I am so I guess it's no big surprise.


*Everybody's searchin for a hero*


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