Apr. 23rd, 2005

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ok, I'm extremely tired, but I must stay awake cuz Jon and Megan shall be calling me any time so I can head over to her house for some after prom bussiness.

holy hell it was cold out today!

Thurs, I had 3 interesting thinga happen to me.
1--Kaila forgot to pick me up so I called my mom.
Me-"mom, Kaila hasn't picked me up yet and the bus leaves at 3"
Mom-"What time is it?"
Mom-"oh geez."
so she sent Barb over to pick me up and we saw Kaila coming on the curve turning at my house. yeah, I was a lil mad, especially because I HATE being late, but I didn't let her know that.

2--When we finally got to Orion(without wiping out on the lil gravel roads our suicidal bus driver was taking), I put my bags down on the ground and my foot got caught on one of em and I fell over. Just fell over and Big Jer asked me if I was practicing on diving for later. haha, I love Big Jer.

3--I ran into a flucking fence!! It was funny though!--I typed this story up on thurs so yeah, it was me talking then. haha.

"We were warming up before the game tonight. My teammates were hitting balls out to us and we were fielding them. My teammate(Emily) hits one, and I say "I've got this one!" I start to turn around and start running, the next thing I know *SMACK*. I hit the fence HARD. I hit the side of my face on the top of the fence where these plastic pipe things were.I was branded by a fence(or a pipe rather)! I've got lines on my cheek, and they don't seem to be fading! of course I couldn't help but burst out laughing along with everyone else. Now...just imagine it happening, it really is funnier when it's a mental picture!"

btw--the lines are gone now, but I can still feel the bruise ;-)

Jon(H., not the one I usually talk about) wants me to play ASA softball this summer(like that's just another name for being amazingly awesome). All of the teams are like Rockridge teams 8-|! He asked me because they need one more person and they need an outfielder that is young enough, and apparantly I am. :-/ Why can't there be something like that for vball, you know, a sport I actually love. Ugh, and I suck at softball too. this sucks.

um...lj hates me. I was finally gonna go back and catch up on all of my friend's pages that I missed, and it wont go back! I was pissed. I'll try again and hope it works, otherwise I'm gonna be goin to each individual journal and scrollin till I find an entry I have read!

well, I hope everyone had a good day! See ya!


*Since you've been gone*


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