Jun. 5th, 2005

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lack of updates...sorry. I just haven't felt like writing.
My life is boring...
I gave up candy(actual candy candy like in the boxes and wrappers in a store. lol.).
Brecken rolled over for the first time.
Keely is back from Colorado and we had her b-day party today.
She's super excited to play softball and I've already started to teach her how to throw right.
uuummm...I work, play sports, sleep, and eat. What else?
I took Shelby on a walk today and she was so hot and tired that she plopped right down in the middle of the road, at one point I started to carry her a lil ways.
I hate people right now.
Megan has mono, so Jon probably does too, which means he might miss his pokemon tournament(OMG JON!! NOOOOO!!! ;-) sense the sarcasm? hehe, you know I love you.) Hope you feel better!
Tina just kinda ran away from me at the Rhubarb Fest, one second she was there and then *poof* she vanished.
I'm bound and determined to play college volleyball.
Rockridge won state...big surprise there. I just wish they weren't so stuck up, then I might be happier(ok, I'd be really happy because it's really cool).
I miss Alex. I need to see you sometime.
I need to go shopping for a number of things whenever I get paid.
Sarah is the coolest co-worker ever(yes, the 2nd grade teacher that some of you might have had).
I REALLY want a tattoo.

I was tagged, so here goes.
List 6 of your current favourite songs (no order), then choose 6 lj friends to do the

1--Scars--Papa Roach
2--Burning Bright--Shinedown
3--Listen to Your Heart--DHT
4--What's Up--4 Non Blondes
6--Bless the Broken Road--Rascal Flatts

I'm tagging--
musical_moogs, __cobwebsoul, alex_hutchins, lone_timberwolf, illusioned_eyes, and demonic_angel13. (sorry, I didn't feel like making them all lil linkies)


*I don't want the world to see me*


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