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I went shopping today!! All by myself! First time I've ever driven to the cities by myself and let me tell ya, I got there a way that I didn't want to get there. haha. I was planning on going there by the way Megan and I went...well I think I missed a turn and kept on going through Reynolds and Taylor Ridge. I was just hoping it would get me there eventually, and it did! WOOT! haha.

I bought looooots of stuff. I bought the Sims for PS2 for 10 bucks, now that's a bargain.

Let's see...what else--
new black pretty keyboard(for computer)
Martina McBride's Greatest Hits album(I've been wanting that for a long time)
some "practice shorts"
jean shorts
shoes(tennis shoes, what else would they be?)
a cool blue tank top with snoopy on it that says "smile"
pink panther underwear(I love it)
I bought my daddy something for father's day
This awesome shirt from Hot Topic(the first piece of clothing that I've gotten from there)
Image hosted by
it is a men's shirt so I had to get it in small. I <3 it!

I ate at Fazoli's by myself and it wasn't bad, it wasn't bad at all. I think I enjoy being alone a little too much for my own good. :-/


*I went sky diving*
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soooooooo........I hit my first homerun in my highschool career last night. Over the right fielder's head. It was funny though because that was the only time I got to bat. We won 24-5 in the 3rd inning. The coach called it.

Tonight I got to play VOLLEYBALL!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! It was so wonderful. I love it. We played 3 lil matches thingies and we won all 3 of them. I didn't feel all rusty and horrible so that was a good thing. =)

Today at 1 the tornado siren goes off, so the people that were running the greenhouse at the moment told me to go home since I had my bike(I was supposed to get off at 2). Well...I didn't exactly go home. I went up to the store to get the truck so I could take it to Cambridge for my vball league. There are sirens going off, the wind is blowing like whoa and the sky is blue/green/pink while I'm putting gas into the truck. When I finally got home, I stood out on the deck until it started raining watching the clouds move VERY fast. When it started raining, I stood in the doorway, well I was standing there and the biggest bolt of lightning ever struck(it was pink, very pretty). I jumped so high in the air, it scared me so much. I thought I was gonna fall over and have a heart attack.

Anyway, I'll see ya'll later!!


*a train on a track*
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lack of updates...sorry. I just haven't felt like writing.
My life is boring...
I gave up candy(actual candy candy like in the boxes and wrappers in a store. lol.).
Brecken rolled over for the first time.
Keely is back from Colorado and we had her b-day party today.
She's super excited to play softball and I've already started to teach her how to throw right.
uuummm...I work, play sports, sleep, and eat. What else?
I took Shelby on a walk today and she was so hot and tired that she plopped right down in the middle of the road, at one point I started to carry her a lil ways.
I hate people right now.
Megan has mono, so Jon probably does too, which means he might miss his pokemon tournament(OMG JON!! NOOOOO!!! ;-) sense the sarcasm? hehe, you know I love you.) Hope you feel better!
Tina just kinda ran away from me at the Rhubarb Fest, one second she was there and then *poof* she vanished.
I'm bound and determined to play college volleyball.
Rockridge won state...big surprise there. I just wish they weren't so stuck up, then I might be happier(ok, I'd be really happy because it's really cool).
I miss Alex. I need to see you sometime.
I need to go shopping for a number of things whenever I get paid.
Sarah is the coolest co-worker ever(yes, the 2nd grade teacher that some of you might have had).
I REALLY want a tattoo.

I was tagged, so here goes.
List 6 of your current favourite songs (no order), then choose 6 lj friends to do the

1--Scars--Papa Roach
2--Burning Bright--Shinedown
3--Listen to Your Heart--DHT
4--What's Up--4 Non Blondes
6--Bless the Broken Road--Rascal Flatts

I'm tagging--
musical_moogs, __cobwebsoul, alex_hutchins, lone_timberwolf, illusioned_eyes, and demonic_angel13. (sorry, I didn't feel like making them all lil linkies)


*I don't want the world to see me*
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Woot! No school! No work until 2! YAY for summer!! (except for the fact that I just HAD to wake up at 7:30 when I'm able to sleep in). Pool should be ready this weekend.

Um...on Monday at work, I think was the closest I've ever been to being high. lol. She had me spray painting some stand for pots and such, and well...I was spray painting for a LONG time. I kinda turned my arms black, and they are still black.

I went to graduation on Sunday. It was sad. reality check. Amanda graduated, the person that I grew up with and was attached at the side with. we grew appart when she went into JH. I really don't know what happened. I guess because she is like all popular...and I'm..not. lol, I mean she was prom queen. It's just weird how people change so much. They had this dvd with a slide show of pictures and songs and they had this song by(you guessed it if you're from around here) Suzy Bogguss called Letting Go.My mom said she started crying when she first watched it.

lyrics )

The question is...should I send in a reqruit form for Augie for volleyball? opinions please!!!


*I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut*
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1 year until we graduate!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!!

although now that Megan pointed out that person wont be there, I'm sad. She's divorcing her husband and moving to Oklahoma. I think Lyndsey is staying...I wonder where Mandy's going...btw, we call her person because calling her Mrs.C***** was weird because she wasn't our teacher anymore, and calling her Shelley was even weirder.

oh yeah, I made honorable mention for the olympic all conference team. *shrug* I don't understand why, but it's cool.


*my weakness is that I care too much*
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I need to just crawl into a hole away from everything/everyone. I'm way too engulfed in things at the moment and I don't know how to handle it all. I'm moody as hell, I have a twitchy eye, and I just want to cry...I think when school is over, a huge weight will be lifted off my shoulders. I hate it that the teachers just LOVE to cram us with things at the last moment, although most of that stuff is done now, finals are making me crazy like whoa.

I have the hugest blister that I have ever seen before on my middle finger from the damn stapler. I haven't popped it because I'm afraid to be sprayed by finger juice...and now my lovely throat hurts...yeha...


*The more the dark consumes me, I pretend I'm burning, burning bright.*
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Happy Birthday to Keely(my niece)!!! She's 7 today!

oh yeah...softball is over...=)


*listen to your heart*
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So, last night, Megan and I were gonna go and watch the girls sectional track meet at Rockridge, but of course the weather decided to be freaky weird on us. We decided to go up to the cities since we were already half way there. We got there, ate chinese, went to the mall, and then to Target. Spencers has many things that Megan can point at and make me giggle insanely. I finally bought the AI single, and I bought LOTS of Hot Tamales. Gotta love em!

Today I worked from 8-10, practiced from 10-12, went back to work from 12:30-5, and finally went to Sara and Anna's graduation party. Needless to say, I'm exhausted and I think my legs are gonna fall off. That would be a site to see!

I hope everyone is doing well and friday the 13th didn't kill ya.

Oh yeah...I almost(might have) hit an opossum! scared the shit outta me! I think Megan saw it before me and screamed my name and after we went over it(I didn't feel anything and I didn't see anything), I screamed. It freaked me out!! I don't want to kill anything!

ok, I'm out.


*Everytime you touch me*
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I made up a joke! I made up a joke! it's not really that funny, but at the time I thought it was hilarious, especially how we got to the subject. Hey, it's friday, I was extremly hyper and laughing at anything and saying stupid things. Welcome to my world. =)


"What did the fry say to the potato?"


"I've been assaulted!!"

"How have you been assaulted?"

"I used to be a potato!!!!!!!!"

ok, so you didn't laugh, but that's all good. It made me laugh at the time. =D

double header tomorrow...ugh and it's at Knoxville(of all places)!

I hit the best hit I've hit in a game in a LONG time tonight and guess what I do?! I get thrown out at 3rd!! damn it all!

I think my right knee is trying to become a massive bruise. It's well on it's way. I slide into feet/bats too much ;-), plus I fall down constantly. Yes, I ran into another fence, but it was shorter so I didn't hurt my face, just a lil scrap on the left knee below my scar.

Ever since Jon said that Mrs.Hucke is Ellen. Holy Crapola!! I can see Ellen there in front of me teaching me trig. haha, it's great! We've got our own talk show host at school. It's mainly with the way she talks and makes jokes and doesn't laugh at them or how she does the "yeah" thing after someone says something and proceeds to say something else. I dunno, someone else wanna try to explain it? They(mrs.cook and mrs.hucke) were even doing the hand dance that I guess they were doing at prom in the hallway after school today. She doesn't do wacky dances like Ellen though(all the time anyway). :-(

ok, I hope everyone is doing well! Good Night!!! MWAH! =D


*I hope you had the time of your life*
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Hey! It's us! =D
Image hosted by

ACTs are over, thank god! Now for tomorrow...PSAE's and a double fun.

oh yeah, no ASA ball for me. *wipes forehead*


*Til now, I always got by on my own"
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ok, I'm extremely tired, but I must stay awake cuz Jon and Megan shall be calling me any time so I can head over to her house for some after prom bussiness.

holy hell it was cold out today!

Thurs, I had 3 interesting thinga happen to me.
1--Kaila forgot to pick me up so I called my mom.
Me-"mom, Kaila hasn't picked me up yet and the bus leaves at 3"
Mom-"What time is it?"
Mom-"oh geez."
so she sent Barb over to pick me up and we saw Kaila coming on the curve turning at my house. yeah, I was a lil mad, especially because I HATE being late, but I didn't let her know that.

2--When we finally got to Orion(without wiping out on the lil gravel roads our suicidal bus driver was taking), I put my bags down on the ground and my foot got caught on one of em and I fell over. Just fell over and Big Jer asked me if I was practicing on diving for later. haha, I love Big Jer.

3--I ran into a flucking fence!! It was funny though!--I typed this story up on thurs so yeah, it was me talking then. haha.

"We were warming up before the game tonight. My teammates were hitting balls out to us and we were fielding them. My teammate(Emily) hits one, and I say "I've got this one!" I start to turn around and start running, the next thing I know *SMACK*. I hit the fence HARD. I hit the side of my face on the top of the fence where these plastic pipe things were.I was branded by a fence(or a pipe rather)! I've got lines on my cheek, and they don't seem to be fading! of course I couldn't help but burst out laughing along with everyone else. Now...just imagine it happening, it really is funnier when it's a mental picture!"

btw--the lines are gone now, but I can still feel the bruise ;-)

Jon(H., not the one I usually talk about) wants me to play ASA softball this summer(like that's just another name for being amazingly awesome). All of the teams are like Rockridge teams 8-|! He asked me because they need one more person and they need an outfielder that is young enough, and apparantly I am. :-/ Why can't there be something like that for vball, you know, a sport I actually love. Ugh, and I suck at softball too. this sucks.

um...lj hates me. I was finally gonna go back and catch up on all of my friend's pages that I missed, and it wont go back! I was pissed. I'll try again and hope it works, otherwise I'm gonna be goin to each individual journal and scrollin till I find an entry I have read!

well, I hope everyone had a good day! See ya!


*Since you've been gone*
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Hello, I know I havne't written in a while...sorry about that.

Anyway, I dyed my hair auburn brown, but it just looks more red. I like it. I'll post pics sometime.

I got 3rd in the poetry contest(out of 5) haha. Hey, it's 10 bucks!

We played Rockridge tonight(ranked 10th in the STATE, Alleman is 11th!) We did pretty well...we still lost, but I didn't make any mistakes, which makes me happy. I'm so scared Daryll is gonna blow up. I guess when we were freshmen(this was the year I did track), we lost bad and Daryll yelled so much that the whole team was crying 8-| scary! He was good though because we weren't bad.

oh yeah...I forgot to mention...I'm not going to prom! woot! It was too much money for not enough fun. I think I can still go to post prom though...I'm goin next year...don't worry, I feel like I have to since it'll be my senior year and all.

I've been thinking about some odd things...well, not really odd, just um...things you don't really think about too often. Just things in nature and asking the question "why?".



*take a good look at me now*(I cannot get this song out of my head!!)
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Me-"My name's not Jesus."
Shannon-"Of course it's not, it's stupid!"

hehe, oh shannon...=D

I'm gonna dye my hair!(hopefully sat. after our games) =D =D


*I never shoulda let you go*
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Hey Peeps! I haven't been on lj in a while and I haven't read yet, but it'll get done(don't worry)!

Anyway, our tues. game got cancelled. Our wed game, we lost. 3-0 which is good considering it was Alleman! Fri, we won our first tourn game. Yesterday, we lost our first tourn game, but we won our second(it was in the 10th inning!). By winning that last game, we won the tournament!! even though we lost a game. It was AWESOME!! I was happy to see you, Megan and Jon! =D

I GOT A JOB AT THE GREENHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's basically a summer job, and until then, a weekend job, but I need money! I start today. =D

oh yeah...I also made the all-tourny team at the tournament...I didn't deserve all. It made me mad actually. Gretchen and Holly definatly deserved it though(they also made it)!

I got sunburnt! I was outside from 8-5 yesterday with a lil break to run to subway and get lunch to eat out there. It looks funny because I had my visor on the whole time. My ears hurt!

I realize this is a lil wierd reading it. hehe


*I'm a bomb, can you hear me tick*
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Man I'm tired and it's not even 10 yet. What's up with that?? We had Meet the Team tonight. We didn't scrimmage a full game, just for an hour(when the pizza arrived). Varsity won, 10-3. We've got games all week. Tomorrow--Stark County, Thursday--Alleman(hard game), Friday--we have our tournament here.We play Lena-Winslow(never heard of em). Actually it's gonna be on the radio. So if anyone is feeling bored at 5:50 central time, go here and listen ;-)

I think I found my new favorite sub--Ms.Childs. She's hyper and makes me laugh. haha.

I can hit this year!! YAY!!! I can actually hit the damn ball!!!

Kaila just found out tonight that I'm a vegetarian. She was freaking out "When did this happen?!". It was great. I'm not sure how long ago it was now, something like 6-8 months. I lost track.

My nephew is huge. He is gonna be 3 months old on April 2nd and he looks like he is 6 months old. It's crazy! Maybe he's got Giantism! :-|

well I'll see you all later.


*A good boy, but good don't get attention*
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Hello. I've been at my grandma's. My game was canceled yesterday, and I found out it was supposed to be a double header...who knew?

I was bored, so what does a Shmoo do when it's bored? It goes on a walk of course! I took pictures, but I'm not gonna post em all, just a couple.

ew )

I was walking on the railroad tracks, and of course a lady came out of her house and started screaming at me. She reminded me of the Fazolli's lady! I just made my way back to my g-ma's house.

My left leg is killing me. I don't know why exactly. It always did this when I was younger. Just start hurting and it wouldn't stop. Nothing makes it stop. Damn leg.

I feel lost...just so very lost. I find myself looking for answers to things in all the wrong places. why.......I'll never know.


*You get what you put in and people get what they deserve*
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When I got home from sball practice tonight, my mom says to me "You're getting a gut, are you sure you're not pregnant?" I was just like wtf. thanks mom, I know I'm getting fatter you don't need to point it out to me I see myself everyday...unfortunatly. I replyed with "For your information I started today, so you don't have to worry!" Perfect timing.

I got 25 bucks and a too small shirt for my b-day in the mail today from my aunt,uncle, and cousins.

Yesterday was the best practice I've ever had, and today was the most boring practice I've ever had. interesting, huh?


*So far down, Or maybe you were thinking about jumping.*
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's SNOWING. :-( We are supposed to have our first game tonight, but it doesn't look like that's happening. I guess we'll just have to wait and see for Sat.

Also, It's been a year today that my aunt was put in the nursing home for her Alzheimer's. It really doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I only went to visit her twice because well, it was just too hard. She no longer sleeps in a regular bed. Just a matress on the floor so she doesn't hurt herself. Who knows, she might be a vegetable by now. I really don't know. My grandma and uncle are going there today and I'm sure they'll tell my mom about it, so I'll ask then.


*Somewhere in my memories I lost all sense of time*
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Hi....long time no update. sorry about that. I just haven't felt like it. I've had some weird moods going on.

Lets see, I need help deciding what classes to take next year. I already have

Chem II
Modern Problems/Sociology
French 4
English 4

I've got 2 spaces left. I'm thinking about taking Adult Living/Parenting. Then I don't know. Maybe Journalism/Speech(I've heard that we don't learn anything though) or Accounting. I could always take Physics or Zoology. I don't really want to take Physics though. I could always take chorus again, or even spanish I. any ideas?

Another dilemma I might have...ok my SIL's sister couldn't be the godparent of my nephew for a very stupid reason(she married a man that didn't have an anulment[I know I didn't spell that right] and our new priest is way too old fashioned). I miss the guy that's now in jail :-( He was cool! Anyway, my mom said that if they ask me to be the godparent then I'd have to start going to church again. See the problem is I don't know what I believe. I just don't know. No, I'm not an atheist nor will I ever claim to be. I dunno, I guess when the time comes we'll see what happens.

On another note, tonight I went to our school's variety show that we have each year. The highlights were Swanny and his "Lunch Lady" song, and Jon singing his yellowcard song! Oh and you mustn't forget Mark eating a 3 day old hotdog(not fridgerated) that had been thrown on the floor. The best of the night has to go to Alex(no not the Alex that I normally talk about), he did the EXACT dance to Napoleon Dynamite, he even looks like him! It was priceless.

I also met 2 new people tonight! one of which I didn't really care for (Jake) and Ande was cool!

Softball has been going pretty well. I think I'll mostly be playing centerfield(yay!) except on some nights, I'll play first.

I put in an application to Morrison's greenhouse last sat. and one for a local bank today to be a teller. The highschool recommended 10 girls and I was one of them, so I hope I get that one.

There is a Poetry Contest for our school coming up, and I'm entering this one. It sucks, but hey, it could be worth 25 bucks. lol

This Long Journey )

I feel very lonely lately, just very alone, which I am so I guess it's no big surprise.


*Everybody's searchin for a hero*
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Today...I went to softball practice for 2 hours. Came home and realized it was super nice outside, so I got my cd player and took a walk up to the Tastee Freeze and got a shake. When I got home I still wanted to be outside, but had no fucking idea on what to do, so I put on my roller blades, turned on the radio, and shot hoops for a good hour. It was fun, made me feel little again. I also realized today how much I miss my trampoline!! I want another one :-(

Anyway, I am VERY bored so I stole this from [ profile] ilovesun

Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play
Step 2: Pick your favorite lines from the first 25 songs that play
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly


I want someone to cuddle with....:-(


*woulda never found you*
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