Apr. 29th, 2005

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I made up a joke! I made up a joke! ok...so it's not really that funny, but at the time I thought it was hilarious, especially how we got to the subject. Hey, it's friday, I was extremly hyper and laughing at anything and saying stupid things. Welcome to my world. =)


"What did the fry say to the potato?"


"I've been assaulted!!"

"How have you been assaulted?"

"I used to be a potato!!!!!!!!"

ok, so you didn't laugh, but that's all good. It made me laugh at the time. =D

double header tomorrow...ugh and it's at Knoxville(of all places)!

I hit the best hit I've hit in a game in a LONG time tonight and guess what I do?! I get thrown out at 3rd!! damn it all!

I think my right knee is trying to become a massive bruise. It's well on it's way. I slide into feet/bats too much ;-), plus I fall down constantly. Yes, I ran into another fence, but it was shorter so I didn't hurt my face, just a lil scrap on the left knee below my scar.

Ever since Jon said that Mrs.Hucke is Ellen. Holy Crapola!! I can see Ellen there in front of me teaching me trig. haha, it's great! We've got our own talk show host at school. It's mainly with the way she talks and makes jokes and doesn't laugh at them or how she does the "yeah" thing after someone says something and proceeds to say something else. I dunno, someone else wanna try to explain it? They(mrs.cook and mrs.hucke) were even doing the hand dance that I guess they were doing at prom in the hallway after school today. She doesn't do wacky dances like Ellen though(all the time anyway). :-(

ok, I hope everyone is doing well! Good Night!!! MWAH! =D


*I hope you had the time of your life*


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