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I don't want my journal deleted, so making a random post.
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I don't want this to be deleted, so I'm posting. LJ is deleting old inactive journals, and i still want this one. lol.
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P!nk. She doesn't get the credit she deserves.

Jasper :)

Sep. 8th, 2010 01:35 pm
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Jasper is the cutest and best hamster ever. :)
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I've decided to end this journal. I'm not going to delete it or anything. I'm just not going to post in it anymore. I am going to make a new one because I really don't even know who I have on this one anymore, or if anyone on my list reads these anymore. I'll be happy to add anyone who wants to be added as a friend onto my new one. Just leave a message on this post, and I'll add you. The other lj is going to be friends only. I've just lost track completely on here.

I guess this lj can be referred to as my highschool lj, and my new one shall be filled with college stuff once that starts up.

Thanks to everyone!!! =D I love you!
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Things are good. Except for the thing(s) that I have no control over, so I try not to worry about it.

I guess I have a lot to talk about, so I'll do that in some "special" entries...

Although, vball is over, and honestly I really don't know if I really want to play for Augie. I haven't emailed the coach back after I went up there and watched their tournament. I don't know, I'm just kind of confused right now with the vball thing. I know I cannot hit like them(hello?! every hit during their warm ups was perfect, straight down, killers. I cannot do that. I know people tell me that they'll make me hit like that. I'm just not so sure.) I dunno, I'm just not sure and I know I should start making up my mind. Too many decisions.

Work is good. People keep on telling me that I'm fun to pick on. Yesterday Brit(one of my managers) said something that made me laugh.

Brit-"I missed you last night Deb!"
Brit-"We were busy and I didn't have anyone to call Deb Debbie Debbie Debbie."(they say it all fast like)

haha, they like to have fun with my name(or at least shane and brit do. lol.)

I've also realized how big of a dork I really am. lol. I laugh all the flippin time. I really don't remember it being this bad. mwhaha.

Must go to Kristin's today to put our barbie video together! Woot! YAY for FEMA problems, barbies, polly pockets, and BENTO(?). lol. This was a GOOD weekend.

Must go shower. Tootles!


Oh yeah I forgot to mention that like all of my cds are gone. I'm soooooo sad. =( I'm just stupid like that. stupid volleyball and emotional me(they fell out of my bag on the bus on a night when I was kind of losing it and I don't think I'm ever getting them back.)
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I had to post this on here real fast, even though I'm like never on here anymore. But, Today is my 1 year without any meat!!!! I'm sooo excited!!! =D I feel like I've actually accomplished something.


*Turn off the lights and turn off the shyness*
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I apologize for all of my neglected lj friends. =( I'm sorry, I just don't have time atm.

This weekend was so hectic. Fri night, went out, sat. woke up at 5:30 for a tourny, went out that night, woke up @ 5 on Sun. morning to go to work, and then spent the day with my family for my brother's b-day. Today--school, practice, work.

Yeah, I don't have much computer time until like vball is over with.


*Cock it and pull it*
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This explains exactly how I feel atm.

Wild Horses )

I've been neglecting this thing when I really need it. I'm stupid. :-/

much love--Shmoo
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Since I last "seriously" updated, lots has happened.

My aunt passed away on July 14. I went to her Wake(same as a visitation) that monday for 8 hours. That was hard and like a family reunion at the same time. My 9 year old cousin, being the bratty kid he is sometimes, poked her and said "she's hard as a rock." He's such a shit head sometimes, but then he'll turn right around and go up there and kneel and pray.

Tues. was the funeral. My uncle wanted my brother and I to be "casket bearers", so I had that job. The part that got me was seeing my lil 12 year old cousin crying. She's not one to let people see her cry(sound familiar?) and it tore me up.

That night we got back in time for my sball game, so I went to it. I ended up locking the damn keys in the truck, so my dad had to drive to Sherrard and give me keys. Then, I lose my left batting glove(the one I need). Yeah, that Tues. proved to be "everything goes wrong day".

Here's a picture of my aunt in the summer of 03'. It's the only one I have on the computer. This was 2 years after she had been diagnosed and at that point she was so shakey that she couldn't really feed herself or hold a glass to drink out of it. She still knew who i was then, but that christmas she didn't. She was diagnosed when she was 38 and lost the battle at age 42. It's for the best I guess. At least she's able to be her again.
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I got a job at McDonald's, but I haven't started there yet. I met with a priest today because Brecken's going to be baptized sunday and I'm the godmother. Yesterday was Megan's birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I'm buying the Jagged Little Pill acoustic cd tomorrow!! and our tournament start tomorrow. We play Viola. Our record was 11-1 because I guess the games that were supposed to be "forfeited" just don't count. We were seeded 2 because Orion was 13-1. We'll get em again in the championship. They beat us last year and we got second.

I have a sports physical Thurs. and I'm going to my grandma's on monday.

I hope everyone's all right.


*I just stare out my window*
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My computer died, so technically I don't know if I'll ever be here again(I'm at my brother's atm). When I get my next pay check, I'm gonna see about buying a laptop.

In case I never get the internet back, I love you all and wish you all well!!


*I'll miss you*
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I went to the pageant tonight with Kristen. It was fun. Briley won Junior Miss!! Yay for her!(she's my mom's co-worker's daughter, and his wife's almost gonna pop with twin girls. hehe) She's 11 and seems like she a 30 year old woman. She was so professional when she was up there, it's crazy. She also got Miss Photogenic and Miss Congeniality.

Anyway--I think I'm ready for this school year to start and end quickly. I'm bored outta my mind without a job and school gives me something to do.

Here's a VERY crappy picture that I took of Brecken(my nephew). He's 6 months old now and he's got cheeks that go to manhatten. hehe.
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*damn unpretty*
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My aunt has 10 days-2 weeks to live.


*If god is dj, then life is a dancefloor, love is the rythm, and you are the music*
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I had fun at vball on Wed. We lost like every one of the matches, but it was still fun.

Yesterday I went out with Alex, Megan, Katie, and Shannon. We just went around town.

Ended up playing some 21 when Jon came. So it was me vs. Jon vs. Shannon. Shannon scored 5 points! hehe, yah for her! I beat Jon, but only after he decided to elbow me right in the middle of the top of my head. That hurt.

Tonight--sball game, which I guess we were supposed to have one on wed again matherville, but no one knew about it so no one showed up? that sucks because yeah...we woulda won. So Our record is 8-2 I do believe.

Oh yeah!! I stopped in New Windsor after vball on wed night because I saw they were playin against Orion. I almost yelled at their coach and asked why he couldn't reschedule the damn gam, but I left before it was over, and you know me. Would I actually do something like that?! NO!


*every since the day you went away and left me lonely and cold*
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I got this in the mail on Friday.

letter )

I gave it to Coach yesterday and she'll give it back to me on wed. Bad News....Coach Cook left for Sherrard. =( She's what made vball fun. School is going to SUCK next year. I've got 2 friends who are gonna be there and all the fun teachers are leaving. Senior year is going to officially be the year from hell. I am so not looking forward to it.


*I don't wanna fall to pieces*
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I am really tired, but I'm gonna update this thing anyways.

I took a sweat shower at vball camp today. At least it felt/looked like it.

I layed out for a bit today(sorry if anyone happened to drive by, I know it's not a pretty sight). I have the weirdest tan lines! Like half of my stomach is red and most of my back, except towards the bottom.

We went on a ghost hunt tonight. At Megan's house. We didn't find anything, but we tried. It was fun, especially when they left me alone up in the attic. The dead don't like to cooperate with me. I have a little obsession with the paranormal(if you haven't noticed) and I have never seen a real ghost and I want to really bad. I even wanted to be a "ghost hunter" when I was younger. Just the thought of knowing there is something there that you can't see excites me.

Oh yeah, we went bowling. I got a 101 the first game(sucks), but I uped it a lil bit and got a 142(or was it 144?, somewhere in there) the second game. I was in a mean mood and I was annoying, but we were the only ones there so we had a good time.

Anyway, goodnight.


*Sometimes I get so weird I even freak myself out*
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I soooo got off early today because it was "too hot" and I don't have to work until Sunday!!! YAY!!!! I need some days off. My last day off was June 1st.

I've found out that I work well in the heat and I like to organize things.

I want to have a Miss Congeniality movie party! I own both of them, and they are only like the best movies ever. =D

Oh yeah!! Natasha Bedingfield is out here in the U.S. now!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! =D

vball league tonight! YAY!

Today is a good day.


*I'm a bomb*
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This week is major sports week. Let's see.

Mon(today)--sball game in Orion(we lost, but I had fun! and I hit a triple It's all right cuz we beat them on Friday and they are good. 5-2 both games, just flip-flopped, kinda weird)
Tues--sball game in Edgington
Wed--vball league, I think it's against Sherrad this week.
Thurs--vball camp(YAY!)
Fri--vball camp and sball game at home against...I think Sherrard...
Sat--vball camp

I think I'm fallin in love with Martina McBride's voice. I've never really listened to a lot of her songs, but I'm lovin them now.

Only 2 weeks of work left...kinda sucks because that means I've gotta find another job. =( where though? I def do not wanna be a waitress.

I missed my SM episode because it's summer and I'm stupid. I'm sad. =(

I haven't gone swimming yet this summer and my mom told me tonight that if the pool doesn't get used more then she's gonna sell it next summer. I told her to sell it now and buy a trampoline cuz I'd sure as hell would rather have one of those.

I'm buying Miss Congeniality 2 tomorrow, even though I've never seen it.

I want/need a new computer.

So many things to save up for!! Computer, digital camera(which I actually have enough for I just don't want to be interrogated by my mom), car, and a possible trip to Europe(that would be sooooo much fun).

I should really be going to bed earlier having to work at 8 every morning(except sundays!).

Oh yeah, I hope I get to do something with my friends on Thurs evening because I haven't seen them since like school got out. Yes, I know, I'm a loser/loner.

Anyway--this was a message brought to you by the Shmoo. Have a nice night!


*coming like a lion, going like a lamb*
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NOTHING'S ever gonna be the same...


*concrete angel*
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